Disaster Team Shortage...Will They Be There For You?

Fires and other disasters can be a frightening experience without community support.

The Amarillo Chapter of the American Red Cross Disaster Action Team is regularly called by the fire and police departments in time of a crisis.

A family in the City of Panhandle says the disaster team who responded to their needs made loosing everything a little more bareable.

A little over a year ago Kelley Vance and her five children were outside watching their home burn to the ground.

"Oh i was very scared and nervous just for the children's lives you know," she says.

It was the Disaster Team she says that was able to comfort her kids during the chaos.

"To even have them there with the toys for the kids to pick out what they wanted kind of took their mind off of, you know it's bad enough if we're stressed but the kids don't understand it."

Local volunteer Amy Taylor says someday it could be you who needs help. That's why more people should get involved.

"It may be us one day who is in need of the Red Cross or another organization to help us when we have a disaster so it's rewarding to help other people or maybe the little child who gives you a hug because you provided them with a teddy bear."

Vance says that compassion goes along way.  "I didn't think of it then but looking back the compassion she displayed while she was asking me questions and I couldn't even think straight..that was alot."

The next training session is set for Saturday June 7th at 1800 S. Harrison. Call Susan Ginn at (806) 376-6309