Goodwill E-Waste

Can you imagine 35 tons of electric waste like this staying out of landfills?

well, an e-waste recycling program from the goodwill is making it happen in downtown Amarillo.

Goodwill of Amarillo is kicking off it's national week tomorrow and their several events you can catch.

The week centers around e-waste disposal but that's not all this campaign is about.

"It's going to give us a chance to educate our communities about what it is the goodwill does. we're much more than stores, we offer work force development programs, employment training. and we're getting into the whole green thing with e-waste recycling," said Ashely Henson, Marketing director for Goodwill of Amarillo.

"E-waste is any electronic waste old remotes, faxes printers modems computers anything except non working televisions. and we hope to get a big turnout so we can give goodwill a big boost for their e-waste program," said Beth Duke, Executive Director of Center City Amarillo.

Since this is the only event of it's kind in the panhandle. Organizers are not only hoping to recycle but even resell.

The Goodwill will also have a business expo on Tuesday at the Civic Center downtown.

Next Saturday their is a donation drive with the Amarillo Dusters where a donation to the Goodwill gets you a voucher for buy one get one free Duster tickets.

And of course, Friday and Saturday's E-waste drive on 9th and Polk.