Webmail Could Leave Users Open to Hacking

Most of us have at least one e-mail account, whether at work or a web-based address like g-mail. But those web based e-mail addresses could leave you more susceptible to malicious hackers.

Did you read the privacy policy before clicking "OK" when registering for your g-mail, Yahoo, or Hotmail account? Probably not.

But it tells you exactly what you are getting into when signing up for free e-mail.

Once you give your personal information, a hacker can then find out a lot about you, like surfing habits, what you use email for, and social networking sites.

When you are signing up for free web-based email, read through the privacy policy and make sure you are ok with it.

Also, if you can, use it only for non-critical business so your important information cannot be traced to that account.  And back up your e-mails with a pop server using a mail client like Outlook Express.