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Summer Crime Trends

Corporal Jerry Neufeld, APD Corporal Jerry Neufeld, APD
Micah Matlock Micah Matlock

Warm temperatures bring more crime, according to Amarillo police. Police say crimes such as vandalism, thefts and burglaries spike during the summer months. This forces more patrols and more people to look out for their safety.

Corporal Jerry Neufeld, says one reason for the rise is more people out and about... "We got more people out. During the winter... Cold people are closed in. During the summer there's just more people out. Therefore more potential."

People in local Amarillo neighborhoods believe there are other reasons. Micah Matlock thinks school may be another reason.  "A lot more people out but one reason may be the school kids out, " she said.

Police and neighbors say one way to stay safe is with neighborhood watch programs and being vigilant about what goes on in the streets. Matlock says, a watchful eye keeps some worries of crime away.  "We have older neighbors here they watch out during the day. We tend to watch out at night. We like to keep an eye on things," she  said.

Police say neighborhood watch groups are helpful to deter crime... Not only during the hot months but the cold months as well. Officers say one way you are able to help keep crime under control is by keeping your belongings locked up, be aware of your surroundings and if you see anything suspicious call the police.

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