Three children removed from an apocalyptic church in New Mexico

Three children are removed from an apocalyptic church in New Mexico.

Two girls and one boy... All younger than 18...Were taken from the compound on April 22 by the states Children Youths and Family Department.

A fourth child, a girl agreed to an interview by the department.

The children were removed after allegations surface of inappropriate contact between the minors and the church's leader.

The church is called Dear Lord Our Righteousness Church and is located at a site called Strong City far north of Clayton.

The church's leader Wayne Bent claims to be the messiah and according to AP reports has acknowledged having sex with church followers.

He claims the children were kidnapped by the state.

The State Children Youth and Families Dept. has 10 days to go to court and make a recommendation on whether the children should stay in state's custody or be returned to their parents.