Hutchinson Burn Ban Causes Concern

People in rural areas of Hutchinson County have two choices underneath the burn ban - They can either let the trash pile up in their backyard...or bring it to the transfer station in Borger.

Old habits die hard though, and most who are used to burning trash piles in their backyard aren't burning... They're just letting it pile up...which is creating an even greater fire danger and health concerns as well, as you can imagine since some of this trash has been sitting there for seven months.

People aren't burning though. For the most part, they're sticking to the ban. The ban is set to expire on may third but as Doppler Dave says fire danger is currently high so whether or not it will be extended remains to be seen.

If it is lifted, there are a few burn rules to follow. The burning must take place during daylight hours in an appropriate container, such a bin or burn ditch. You must also have something like a fire extinguisher on hand to put out the blaze in case it gets out of hand. Disobeying the burn ban is no laughing matter. It is a misdemeanor crime and could cost you five hundred dollars.