KZBZ on Dish Network

I was wondering why isn't KZBZ offered on Dish Network. I contacted them about it and there are no plans on adding it. Is there anything else I can do to try and get it on dish network?

Shane Mullins
Amarillo, TX

Response from KZBZ

We have offered KZBZ to both Dish Network and DirecTV and both have declined to carry it. We have filed forms and done countless amounts of paperwork in an attempt to have KZBZ carried on the satellite providers. We recommend that anyone using a Satellite service call your provider and request that KZBZ be carried. You can assure the representative of the company you are speaking to that we would be more than happy for them to carry KZBZ on their system. We will continue to work with the Satellite systems to get KZBZ as well as LATV carried on all systems in our area.

Tony Smitherman
Marketing Director