Scooters are Efficient but Not Selling in Amarillo

Scooters are fuel efficient and a cheap alternative to driving a gas guzzling car.

But here in Amarillo these are not flying out of sales rooms.

"It all stems from the state of our economy. I started seeing the slowdown in the 1st part of 2007 and it's continued to get slower. You know it's an economic cycle," said Danny Phillips of Danny's Volks Stuff.

The economy isn't the only reason people aren't buying. Scooters may not be the right answer for everyone.

" I haven't given it much thought but it's kind of improbable for me because I have to drive between Amarillo and Canyon," Derrick Cummings said.

Though sales are down over the past year, the rising price of gas and the cheap cost for scooters has some people looking.

"You know the smallest scooters get up to 110 mpg and the largest scooters get up to 60 gallons. and like I said cheaper insurance and fuel economy and it's fun!" Said Phillips.

"Aside from the fuel efficiency they're cheaper than getting a new car and it'd be fine," said B.J. Minyard, who's considering buying a scooter.

Phillips thinks there's going to be a breaking point where even those not considering scooters will have a change of mind.

"But I don't think gas has gotten high enough yet, where it really gets their attention it goes up a little bit and they get used to it. It will get to a point where they'll have to make a change," Phillips said.