Bob Wills Day in Turkey

Turkey, Texas is a town of less than 500 people. But this weekend it ballooned into the thousands.

Everyone coming for Bob Wills day. Bob Wills was a famous musician who was raised in Turkey. Wills is credited with creating genres of music. He toured with the band the Texas Playboy's. Turkey is also the home of the Bob Wills museum, for more info:

Turkey's population increased this weekend 10 times more than normal. Meaning local businesses are benefiting.

The 37th annual Bob Wills day festival brings up to 8 thousand people according to organizers.

Equaling big bucks for local businesses.

"Well, it's kind of like Christmas in April, we need this for our economy in Turkey," said the owner of Lacy's dry goods, Delores Price

The hotel is booked, the restaurants are packed and music is in the air.

"Our increase in sales over the past three or four days has doubled it's something we look forward to each year," said Craig Chancellor, a local business owner.

Locals say this the biggest event in Turkey, by far, and it's something the whole town takes advantage of.

"I think it's a big economic boost for the whole town, I think everybody does real well," Price said.

"We bought this in July and for this is going to accelerate where we need to be. These hometown grocery stores are much needed." Chancellor said.

Many thought this year wasn't going to be strong because of the economy, but that wasn't the case at all.

"We'd like to see this continue. I hate to see it die down it hasn't and I thought this year gas prices it would but they haven't." Price said