New Sewer Pump Construction at Wolflin and Georgia

The city is building a new sewage pump in the middle of Amarillo. And it's costing residents millions.

Their's two phases to this construction, the piping under Wolflin and Georgia is costing about four million dollars.

The actual pump is being constructed for over five million dollars.

The land has gone from a vacant lot, to a 45 foot deep hole, and is now filling up as the city's newest sewage pump.

The city says the project is a pre-emptive measure to handle an increase in waste as oppose to older pumps which were installed to meet the city's growing needs decades ago.

"We just felt we could manage the system better using the one lift station more efficiently than the three older lift stations," said Emmett Autrey, Amarillo's director of Utilities.

The new station should be completed in four months.

It's replacing three older inefficient pumps in the area. One on Georgia and Wolfin, One on Georgia and the I-40 access road and one near Austin Park, which has had odor issues and soon will be decommissioned.

Good news for residents in that area.