Thefts Spike At United Supermarkets

David Parker, United Manager
David Parker, United Manager

Theft has spiked in the last three weeks at United Supermarkets across the Panhandle.

United is increasing security patrols, using more 360 degree cameras with zoom capabilities and today they started using stickers to identify stolen items.

One undercover officer says he has noticed the increase.

"I've seen alot of shoplifting, people that you really don't suspect are going to do it but they do it. People with money, people going on hard times. "

And the officer says there are various kinds of suspicious activity.

"We look for people with coats on in the summertime, big purses, the way they act, movement, eyes, as you can see we can follow anybody and we can get a good close up, we can see their faces and everything."

Items that are most likely to be stolen are those that shoplifters are able to re-sell at places like fleamarkets.

A store manager David Parker says, "Any thing small and expensive razors, hair care products, they're taking those items because they are easy to conceal and they're high dollar items."

Vitamins, medications, and meat products are also hot items for shoplifters.

In the last two months United started limiting what kind of checks are taken, the amount they can be written for, and gift cards can no longer be purchased by check. This is in response to an increasing number of scams and hot checks.