Canyon ISD Changes Cell Policies

Parent Susan Ray
Parent Susan Ray

Canyon Independent School District is looking to change cell phone policies on school grounds.

The current policy in the Canyon I.S.D. handbook leaves cell phone regulations up to individual schools. Some school officials think that causes too much confusion. That's why they want to set specific rules on cell phones. Assistant Superintendent Lesli Laughter said, "Sometimes students don't know when and where they can use those cell phones. Because it might be okay in one class. That would cause them to be in trouble".

The new policy would alleviate the inconsistencies. New regulations allow students to take cell phones to school, but they have to keep them turned off. In high school, students can use their phone only in between class periods. If students do not keep their cell phones off, the phone will be taken away, parents will be called and will have to pay $15 to pick up the cell.

Some parents say the new regulations are fair. Parent Susan Ray says "My child is going to pay it because they messed up. And we'll deal with that when it happens."

School officials and parents asy they want to teach the students responsibility and curb the potential for classroom distractions.

Canyon ISD student Blake Hartman say he understands the consequences, "Probably ground me from it... pay the fee".

The new cell phone rules are expected to be in place next school year.

Currently, Bushland and River Road school districts have similar cell phone polices that have been in affect for the past school year. Amarillo Independent School Disitrict policy on cell phones is left up to the individual school.