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More Wind Turbines Coming to the Panhandle

Phil King Phil King

Wind turbines could soon be a common sight around the Texas Panhandle. The Texas Representatives Regulated Industries Committee has a plan in the works to take advantage of our winds by building more turbines and shipping the excess energy to places that are lacking Dallas, Houston and Austin.

The hearing Thursday morning was packed - standing room only. More than three hundred people came out to hear how these turbines will affect their pockets. Committee Chair Phil King says, "If they're building those big wind turbines out there. First of all, if it's on your place, you're getting a royalty check. There are people in Texas making 30-thousand dollars a month in the mailbox by having those turbines on their own place. So it's wonderful if you own property."

The plan is not finalized...yet. But the King says it won't be long. "These are things that are 5, 10 years, 20 years planning process but I wouldn't be surprised if 2 years from now you see a lot of construction going on." We aren't the first ones to try this out. Other cities already have wind farms and are seeing economic impacts like we could see here. These turbines do come with a hefty price tag though...the plan could cost up to 6 billion dollars.

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