Mind Games, Not Violence, Most Common Type of Bullying

It has gone from physical violence to mind games. Schools in our area report bullies these are not throwing as many punches as they are insults and gossip.

With girls especially, gossip is what students struggle with in and out of school....gossip about one girl stealing another's boyfriend, or more often, another's best friend.

Kids are encouraged by teachers and counselors to talk to them or their parents, but if your child has not mentioned anything and you suspect she is being bullied, keep an eye out for some things like withdrawn behavior, breaking into tears for no reason or snapping at parents when everything is fine at home.

In the Amarillo Independent School District, one out of five students reports being bullied within the last month. And one out of three says his or her friends has bullied someone in the last month.

These are just some of the websites that offer advice to parents whose kids are being bullied: