Parents Are Cashing In At Consignment Shops

The cost of gas and food is sending local parents to consignment shops to cash in on clothes their children have outgrown.

Consignment shop owners say there has been a steady increase in families who are exchanging old clothes for larger ones or for cash.

Father, Zack Summers, says he is shopping early to get the best deals before his son is born.

"We came in here today because we live in the neighborhood and it saves us gas money plus it's got cheap prices on baby clothes. It's a lot better because you can get clothes here for a few dollars instead of going to Wal-Mart and paying five or six dollars.

Consignment store owner Adelle Breitling says parents often tell her how difficult it is to shop in their favorite stores.

"They come in because they want good clothes for their dollar and so they come in here because the economy's not doing so well and they can buy more and get the better brands that they're probably used to but can't spend in the department store now."

Items that are in the highest demand are items like cribs, walkers, and strollers because they are too expensive for some families to afford.