Polygamist Camp Used In The Classroom

Assistant Professor Melody Loya
Assistant Professor Melody Loya

Issues from the polygamist camp are being used as a tool for teaching at West Texas A & M University. Social Service teachers are taking this opportunity helping students learn from real life situations in class. Current issues such as polygamy, culture and religion is the focus in some W.T. classrooms.

Assistant professor Melody Loya says the polygamy case is a big topic and useful tool in teaching social services. "We want more than talking heads, telling them what the real world is like. We really want them to see things going on, be able to use critical thinking and apply what they learn to different situations," Loya says.

Some W.T. students agree that the academics of the case opens up their eyes to unique situations. Student, Wayne Hall says, "It would involve students more to actually know, feel and see exactly what's going on up to the minute things, hands on."

Student, Joseph Morales says he's benefiting from the in class dialog. "Study what happens and how they got to use what happens and they got to use welfare and be able to relate to other people."

Both students and teachers say the polygamy case is one that will be talked about and in text books for many years to come.

Loya says. "I see it playing out in several ways, through several of our classes. A year or 2, however long it takes the case." Instructor Loya says she plans to use the polygamy case in her upcoming Value, Ethics and Religion classes in the fall. She says the uniqueness of the case touches on all three topics.