Teachers Quitting, Citing Low Morale

Almost half of Texas teachers say they want to leave their classrooms behind for a better career. According to the Texas State Teachers Association, low morale is the main reason for their wanting to get out of school.

Preparing new teachers for the frustrations to come is the goal. That is why the Canyon School District now has a three year induction program for new teachers as well as a team veteran teachers acting as mentors on every campus. Ginger Tucker says, "it provides a network of support so if they do choose to leave, that's not the reason."

West Texas A&M University provides 80 percent of the teaching force in the Panhandle.

While many graduates have had concerns in the past, WT puts students in Canyon classrooms two years into their education so they get a feel for teaching early on.

And that is why reports of low morale and low pay does not phase them.