Discriminated Against in Medical Community

Subject: Discriminated Against in Medical Community

We have recently moved to Amarillo. There is something strange

going on in the community... I can't find any pediatrician who will take on

my child or children as a patient.

I believe it is discrimination. My oldest is disabled and the only one who

will take her is a nurse practitioner. She deserves a pediatrician. She has

probably only been sick at the clinic office twice in the last seven

months...and is only on one medication...her doctors in Houston, whom she

sees annually don't understand why she doesn't have a pediatrician. I am also

pregnant and no one will take on my newborn because they say they will

have to take on all of my other children.... I have asked them to take on

just the new born and they say no. My other three children are hardly

ever sick other than the occasional seasonal cold...and I take them to sick

care or any urgent care clinic...they can continue to go to the nurse

practitioner if that's what it takes. What am I to do? We have good

insurance, BCBS TX. My husband works for blue cross and blue shield. and

have called at least 20 doctors in the community.. coming from a town of

about 100,00 residents to a town of 180,00 i would expect more in this

supposed medical community....

it is hard enough being discriminated every day due her disability. My

family feels outcasted and it says we are not good enough.

I do not know how to resolve this issue and find my daughter or newborn a

pediatrician. What will it take?

Do other people in the community have this problem?

- We are discriminated against because of the number of children I have

- We are discriminated against because my daughter is disabled

please help

Sondra Nino

Amarillo, TX