Students Learn The Consequences Of Drunk Driving

Students at Canyon High school are dealing with the realities of drinking and driving today.  Several of their classmates were 'mock' victims of a simulated deadly car crash to teach them about making better choices. 
Michelle King said even though the crash was staged, she still felt sick to her stomach seeing her friends taken away in handcuffs and body bags.

"Some of my friends were in there, so it was a real situation for me. One of my best friends was the drunk driver and so it made me think twice about drinking and then getting in the car driving."

Other Canyon High-schoolers became so emotional they had to leave the scene after spending several minutes witnessing the staged car accident. The point of the exercise is to drive home the consequences of drunk driving.
Something Michelle says is very important with prom being around the corner. 

"People are going to be tempted to do that and it will  definitely make me think twice about doing that."

Another student, Colt Howey says it definitely made him think twice about making decisions that could ruin his life.

"I think some people think I won't get in that much trouble if I drive drunk but you do go to jail."
Before the mock scenario began, the students had been told only to go to an assembly. Then they stood at the side of the road to watch the aftermath of the simulated accident. A 911 call blared over loudspeakers, and sirens approached moments later. Firefighters cut open the smashed car to 'free' two students, and arrested the driver.  The gory event is meant to have a powerful impact and help students think twice.

And Colt said it had the desired impact.
"It makes you think twice about you and your friends about how that can happen to anyone at any point in time and you need to be aware not to go out drinking on the weekends and stuff like that and especially don't drive. It makes you fully aware of the situation that can arise if you take a risk like that."  

The "Every 15 Minutes" program seeks to remind students that drunk driving kills someone every 15 minutes nationwide.