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Texas Legislators Look to Revamp School Testing System

Kel Seliger, Texas State Senator Kel Seliger, Texas State Senator
Amy Griffith Amy Griffith
Sheila Wiseman Sheila Wiseman

Remodeling the way your children are rated in school is the goal of some Texas legislators during the next session.

Lawmakers are aiming to judge student and school performance on progress throughout the year rather than a pass-or-fail test system.

Texas Senator Kel Seliger co-authored a bill in the last session to get rid of the TAKS test at the high school level. But he says doing away with standardized testing all together is not necessary, just re-define what they test for.

Seliger says instead of using one test to judge student and school performance, take another route. Seliger says, "what I would like to see done is de-emphasis on high stakes testing and have districts assess more on progress throughout the year. Not just this group passed, this didn't."

One teacher says since her fifth graders must pass the test to move into the next grade, TAKS puts extra stress on children at too young an age. Amy Griffith says, "what I hate about it is when i have to look one in the eye that has given his all and say I'm sorry sweetheart you didn't pass this time."

But another teacher says she likes testing because it provides good data. Sheila Wiseman says, "it holds people accountable, teachers and students, when they know what they will be tested on, they do well."

Still, Wiseman says monitoring progress throughout the year is something she would favor.

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