Borger Elementary School Goes Green

Borger Superintendent Clifton Stephens
Borger Superintendent Clifton Stephens

In Borger the school district is building an environmentally conscious elementary school.

It started as a plan to combine the two elementary schools in Borger and has now turned into the panhandle's first school to be Leeds certified by the US Green Building Council.

The school board is using roughly 17 million dollars to build what they're calling, the Borger new elementary school.

In order to get the leeds certification which stands for leadership in energy and environmental design, the school is required to meet a number of environmentally friendly guidelines.

The school district says it's worth the extra time to build for this certification.

"Architects will tell you this is something everyone's looking at doing. We're just one of the first and we're excited to lead a good example," said Borger Superintendent Clifton Stephens.

And Superintendent Stephens says it's cost the school district about 300 thousand dollars for the extra eco-friendly supplies.

"The Leeds certification does take extra dollars but we believe the energy savings and the education our kids will get is going to make a difference in their education," Stephens said.

The school is scheduled to open in August for the new school year, and officials tell us they are ahead of schedule.