Amarillo's Downtown Plan Approved

Madison Scott, Amarillo City Commissioner
Madison Scott, Amarillo City Commissioner

Amarillo's downtown revitalization plan is looking up...way up. A large hotel could soon be gracing the city's skyline.

City commissioners voted Tuesday to approve the downtown Amarillo Strategic Action Plan, which includes the plan for a hotel.

Commissioner Madison Scott says that's exactly what Amarillo needs, "We lose out on a lot of conventions because they insist of having a hotel next to the convention center and we do not have that in Amarillo, Texas."

Along with the convention center hotel, the plan creates an around the clock downtown, complete with more entertainment venues, housing, and shopping.

The Planning and Zoning committee has already endorsed the action plan, which now has the official go ahead from the city commission.

This plan differs slightly from the Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone, or TIRZ. Tirz is a small part of the bigger picture, creating a way to fund downtown development.

This plan approved today outlines what to do with the money TIRZ has made available through property tax revenue.

So...when can we expect to see these big changes, like a hotel? Scott says within the next few years it could be a reality.

Officials are currently looking at numbers and figuring out the details, making sure it makes sense for Amarillo before moving ahead.