Victims Take Charge Of Offender Tracking

Richard Gore, Assistant Criminal District Attorney
Richard Gore, Assistant Criminal District Attorney

Victims of violent crimes are tracking violent offenders online. The system is called "Vine Link" (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) and victims who want to check the status of their offender can long on at anytime on any day.

Randall county received $17,928 on Tuesday to help update and use information to track offender in the Texas justice system.  Assistant criminal district attorney Richard Gore says vine link is a safety necessity. "It's important to them from the safety stand point. It's important to have a collaboration and keep them safe to keep from being victimized yet again,"he said

"Vine Link" tracts an offender's relocation, bond requirements and release information. It even gives the offender's family a chance to check the status as well. Randall County Victim Coordinator Gil Farren says it makes it easy for anyone to tract from any state. "Especially, when people are sentenced for a number of years. Families move and they don't always notify the Texas justice system and they have no way to notify them," Farren said.

Randall county officials say the "Vine Link" system is easy for victims to enroll and free.