Running Across America

Raising money for physically wounded soldiers has two men running across the country.

The knoll's are a father and son team running across the country to benefit three charities. And they'd love your help along the way.

"We're running 30 miles a day for 120 days, we started on March 1st and we're gonna finish July 4th in Washington D.C.," said Warren Knull.

Warren and Tom Knoll are heading east, dedicated to raise money for the Wounded Warrior, the Sunshine, and the Challenged Athlete Foundations.

They plan on making it to Washington any way they can.

"It's easy because 30 miles is like a job you gotta go out there and get her done. And then move on to the next day," said Warren.

"Well I'm more walking, jogging and crawling. I call it LSD long slow distance," said Tom Knoll.

The Knolls have had some company along the way.

Today they ran with kids from the Caprock High ROTC and they say they always enjoy more company along the road.

"If anyone wants to run in the area, I'm will ing to you know you're welcome to come," said Warren.

The Knoll's will be at a meet and greet at the American Legion Post 54 Monday night at 6:00 P.M.

The American Legion is at 617 W. 7th Ave.

For more on the Knoll's or to donate, visit their website here:

If you're interested in meeting up to run with the Knoll's you can call Warren at (414) 403-7982.

Here is their Schedule:

4/22 - Amarillo to Panhandle

4/23 - Panhandle to Pampa

4/24 - Pampa to Pampa

4/25 - Pampa to Wheeler

4/26 - Wheeler to Sayre, OK