Earth Fest in Amarillo

That was just one of the environmentally friendly exhibits today at earth fest.

The true earth day is still three days away, but today at wildcat bluff, earth fest was in full bloom stressing that you should be environmentally conscious every day.

From the 335 loop you may have just thought a carnival was going on.

But once you got inside you would see it's an educational experience for people of all ages. The nature center was turned into a festival like atmosphere with eco-friendly arts and crafts, things like planting trees and how to make paper.

Earth fest organizers wanted to stress one thing to today's patrons, education.

" What I'd like people to take away from this is just the simple things they can do in their daily lives to make a difference. And to learn about the different organizations that could help support that effort." Said event organizer Christina Paullus.

There was one company supporting the event trying to get the word out about how you can do your part to help the environment.

"With Allied waste there's recycling available here in Amarillo. you may have to be proactive about it but there's ways to do it and it can pay-off," Paullus said.

There are several recycling centers run by Allied around town.

The main recyclery is on 10th and Arthur but there are also drop-off locations at all Wal-marts, and the United Market Street on 34th and Georgia.

You can drop off glass, plastic, aluminum and paper.