Learning Online or On Campus?

John Landon, West Texas A&M University
John Landon, West Texas A&M University

Whether the quality of learning through taking a class online is the same as going to a classroom is the question.

The convenience of an online course is appealing to some, but there is a debate on whether the quality of the class is equal to that of an in-house course.

One instructor who teaches both says he makes sure he maintains that quality both in the classroom and on the computer. John Landon teaches online and in class at West Texas A&M University.

He says in both settings, he uses the same text books, the same lectures, and the same tests.  The main difference? Lectures in the online course are read while in class students are taking notes.

For his online course, the maximum number is 75 students and is often at capacity.

But some students we spoke with say taking a class on the computer is simply not appealing.

In the last three years, the number of students at W.T. taking only online courses has remained the same while the number of students taking only on campus classes has slightly gone up.