Prison Staff Shortage Leads To New Bonus

Many understaffed prisons in the state are hiring new officers with the help of recruitment bonuses.

There have been 81 people since this bonus went into effect who have taken jobs at understaffed prisons in order to get the bonus.

The Clements unit is leading the state with 32 new recruits.

The 1500 dollar bonus is intended to draw job seekers to different parts of the state along with an increase in pay for new officers.

The assistant warden here says adequate staffing is vital.

The warden of course wants safe prisons but guards we spoke with say it's about worker appreciation.

And 18 days into the new hiring procedures change is already evident.

The Clements unit here has already seen 32 new officers but there are still some prisons lacking staff in the panhandle.

Next door the Neal unit has only received 2 recruits.

And up in Dalhart they have yet to receive anyone.