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Going Green In Amarillo

Dusty McGuire, Director, "Keep Amarillo Beautiful" Dusty McGuire, Director, "Keep Amarillo Beautiful"
Ashley Henson, Goodwill Marketing Director Ashley Henson, Goodwill Marketing Director
Henry Ray, Goodwill IT Director Henry Ray, Goodwill IT Director

"Keep Amarillo Beautiful"  is one the many organizations getting ready for Earth day on April 22. Local organizations such as "Keep Amarillo Beautiful" and Goodwill are asking the community to step up and help conserve energy.

Director of "Keep Amarillo Beautiful", Dusty McGuire says "Reuse was the word before recycle and people need to reuse. People are going to have to save and reuse things.  McGuire's organization started in the eighties. At  time she says very few were interest in recycling. "We just promoted recycling as we could. Now, it's the in thing to do back then there were no markets." she said.

Organizations like Goodwill is trying to help out with "E-waste Recycling. Goodwill's Marketing Director Ashley Henson says their facility is unique for Amarillo. "We're the areas only E-waste recycling we started to take donations and refurbish computer," Henson said.  they want the publish to be aware they take just about anything, "We get computers, electronics donated to us. This consists to us as fax machines, cell phones. Even video game computers.

Electronic waste is growing at the rate of 3 times that of municipal waste. Some say the problem stems from how to recycle not why. Goodwill IT Director, Henry Ray says "Most people don't realize what's going. Recycling is new people are getting in. People don't know what their options are when it comes to recycling."

McGuire agrees that education is key. "It really needs to start at home, look at what you buy. Recycle newspaper cans... Simple things you have lying around" she said.

Once you've collected everything from cans to computers. You can call Allied waste at 374-7425 to pick up recyclable materials such as newspapers, cans and magazines. Or Goodwill for your electronic items at 372-352


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