Save Green By Going Green

To make money and save money, Amarillo residents are being encouraged to go green.  And one way to "go green" is to recycle .

Newschannel 10's Stephanae Benson tells you how you can do your part to help both the environment and your pocket book.

Earth day is just around the corner and local supermarkets are helping you save green by going green. If you use a re-usable grocery bag at United Supermarkets you can get a discount on your bill.

"You're going to receive five cents off for every bag that use, whether that's our bag that you use. Whether that our bag or someone else's bag. Any canvas bag that you use to put the groceries in." said Grocery Manager David Parker.

The re-usable bag is $.99 and Parker says a hot cold bag and a wine bag will be available soon. You can also make money going green by recycling every day household items. At the Allied Waste Recyclery, aluminum cans are worth $.65 a pound. And newspapers, magazines and cardboard are all worth three $.03 a pound. Now if you simply want to drop off your recyclables, there are  convenient drop off locations around Amarillo.

"They can recycle plastics that number 1 and 2, recycle plastic bags, newspaper, magazines and aluminum cans." said Recyclery Site Manager, Kim Vincent.

No cardboard or glass is taken here, and Vincent reminds recyclers to be respectful of this policy.

"We'd like to continue this program, but these stores have donated parking space so they can have these containers for the public, so we want to keep the trash and contaminants down at these sites. So people need to follow directions on the cans."

Vincent says she hopes to bring curbside service to Amarillo soon and the recyclery is seeing more people recycling in town and hope to get those numbers up.