Kids Hiding Drugs In Everyday Items

Melynn Huntley, Impact Futures
Melynn Huntley, Impact Futures

It looks like a cell phone. But when closely examined you find it has alcohol inside. They are showing up in local schools and community leaders want it stopped.

The cell phone just mentioned is one of several everyday items often overlooked because they do not look suspect.

But in a meeting today showing drug and alcohol use among local teenagers, the Amarillo Independent School District urged parents to take a closer look inside their teenager's backpack....and help decrease the high number of teenagers using drugs and alcohol.

Melynn Huntley of Impact Futures says teenagers mimic their parents' behavior. Her research shows the percentage of teenagers who say they drink to relax is almost the same as the percentage of adults who say the same thing.  So she says that is where change needs to begin. She says "alcohol use is high among adults, so to change kids, parents need to take a closer look at what they're doing."

Huntley says children who take their first drink before the age of 15 are more likely to become alcoholics later in life.

Amarillo has higher rates of drugs and alcohol use among middle and high schoolers than both the state and the nation.