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"Buff Alert" Not Alerting Enough Students

Shawn Burns, West Texas A&M Chief of University Police Shawn Burns, West Texas A&M Chief of University Police
Brandon  Head, WT Senior Brandon Head, WT Senior
Robert Njoroge, WT Student Robert Njoroge, WT Student
Shanna Rempe, WT Student Shanna Rempe, WT Student

Today, marks the one year anniversary of the deadliest school shooting in the country's history. On April 16, 2007, 32 students and faculty members were shot by a fellow student at the Blacksburg, VA. campus.

While campuses across the country take precautions, West Texas A & M University is trying to get more students signed up for safety alerts. It's an alert system that West Texas University has been encouraging staff and students to sign up for since the fall.   When the emergency system was unveiled in August, only 600 students signed up. Currently, 800 out of 7,500 students on the canyon Campus are enrolled.

It is called the "Buff Alert". A system that was implemented to warn students and staff of any emergency through email or cell alert. West Texas A&M Chief of University police Shawn Burns is encouraging everyone to sign up. Burns said, "What we would like to see is an increase in enrollment in that program. It's free, we're not seeing as high of an enrollment as we like".

A majority of students we talked with on campus had no idea about the alert. Senior, Brandon  Head was surprised when he was asked about the "Buff Alert System".  He said, "I don't even know what it is. Another student, Robert Njoroge was surprised about the alerts, " don't know anything about the buff alert. I've noticed security has picked up.. no incidents Ijust feel safe I guess", he said.

School officials say there are many reasons the enrollment is low. Chief Burns says, "I would like to think students fell safe here. It may be they have to log on and register".

Student Shanna Rempe agrees, "That'd be neat to have if i feel unsafe. I'd like to have it (Buff Alert)". Rempe says she is going on lime to enroll as soon as possible.

Campus police say they are trying to get the word out about the buff alert, with advertisements and word of mouth.



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