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New Air Ambulance Serving the Panhandle

Ted Graham, Interim City Manager of Guymon. Ted Graham, Interim City Manager of Guymon.
Loel Letts, Eagle Med Pilot Loel Letts, Eagle Med Pilot
John Hicks, BSA CEO John Hicks, BSA CEO

After six months of planning, a medical partnership between a hospital and an air ambulance connected Guymon with Amarillo today.

It takes two hours for an ambulance to reach Amarillo from Guymon, now this helicopter can make the same trip in just over half an hour.

Eagle Med an air transport company opened it's 14th location today at a ribbon cutting ceremony. The Oklahoma panhandle now has a quick response for ill patients.

"We will welcome it, we need to update our service. Cimmeron, Texas and Beaver counties are some of the most remote counties. We are the most remote in Oklahoma. Being on top of Amarillo really makes Amarillo our service area." said Ted Graham, interim city manager of Guymon.

"We have about a 100 mile range meaning we can go out and back 100 miles and have a nice safe reserve," said Loel Letts, Eagle Med pilot.

From Guymon the closest specialized medicine is in Amarillo. So Eagle Med has teamed up with BSA hospital to provide regional care.

"Eagle Med will bring patients to BSA from this region about 8 to 10 percent of patients that come to BSA in Amarillo are from Oklahoma and southwest Kansas." said John Hicks, BSA CEO.

BSA Even had to make some changes so the partnership could work.

"BSA brought a similar vision as our company and so they said we will build you a helipad. So they went right out and built us a helipad to land on," said Ida Ballard, Co-owner of Eagle Med.

Now people from all over the northern panhandle region can receive rapid medical attention at a facility that can meet specific needs.

"The benefit of this helicopter is that it's right here. So if there is a heart attack and they go to the Guymon hospital. We pick them up and carry them to Amarillo or Oklahoma city, so it's a big life saving neccessity." Hicks said.

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