Settlement Reached in Water Rights Suit

Water rights in the panhandle are an ongoing issue we have been covering in-depth over the past week. Tonight our coverage continues as an historic milestone is reached today.

Amarillo has settled the first known case in which groundwater rights owners took action to keep their water protected.

Today the city commission approved the agreement between the city and premium standard farms incorporated.

The group will now pay the city 300 thousand dollars.

Commissioner Jim Simms says, "The money amount is not as significant as the fact that we got settled with them and they no longer are over pumping. These are precious water rights that the city of Amarillo has in this particular case, has owned these rights since back in the mid 50's and we want to protect them."

The settlement does not mean that PSF is admitting to guilt or liability... But it does mean that the 2006 case is finally over.