Polygamist Sect Boys Sent to Boy's Ranch

Dan Adams, President, Cal Farley's Boy's Ranch
Dan Adams, President, Cal Farley's Boy's Ranch

The state of Texas has moved more than thirty children from the shelter in San Angelo. Where 416 women and childeren were being housed during an investigation into a polygamist compound in El Dorado.

Twenty-seven teenage boys were bused out Monday night to Cal Farley's Boy's Ranch.  President Dan Adams of the ranch says authorities contacted them several days ago, asking if they could relocate a number of teenage boys to the ranch. He says it's the ranch's motto to help out where they can, "Every child at boy's ranch is unique. This group came in as a group, with this cloud hanging over them. They are still kids.

The group is being housed together at the ranch, where they are receiving food, shelter, clothes and medical needs if necessary. Cal Farley's Ranch, is a self contained town with its own medical facilities and school system. The children at the ranch are considered troubled kids typically sent to the facility by their parents. According to Adams, the average stay is two years, but the boy's saty at the ranh is temporary.

Adams says he is not sure how long the boys will stay or if any more will be sent to the "Boy's Ranch". He said, Circumstances are unique. This is a extraordinary event. There are plenty of unknowns. That complicates it just a little bit. He said the children usually sent to his ranch are in need of supervision.

Authorities raided the Eldorado ranch April 3 after a girl from the clan made a whispered telephone call for help to a family violence shelter. Texas has since taken legal custody of 416 children on suspicions that they were being sexually and physically abused.

Attorneys representing people from the compund are in san angelo trying to get the boys back as soon as possible.