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Dog Park Dangers

Dog Owner Payton Warren Dog Owner Payton Warren
Dog Owner Gary Edwards Dog Owner Gary Edwards

Concerns of disease at local dog parks have some dog owners considering keeping their animals in their own fence.

A tip that some vets recommend not all dogs go to the park, had us looking into why. A local vet says dogs who are not immunized properly can carry diseases and spread them to other animals. Dog owners say that risk has them re-thinking the park.

Payton Warren who use to use the dog park often says, "You never know if the owner has taken proper care of their dog. You don't if they have had their shots, stuff like that. That's when it's scary, cause a lot of people have love for their animals and whenever, if your dog gets hurt out there and it can get a disease, you think twice about it."

A local vet agree's... She says even though the park is for vaccinated dogs ... That doesn't mean each one is... So you have to be responsible for your pet.

Dr. Janice Wolf with Canyon Road Animal Hospital says,  "Theoretically all dogs there should be protected but somebodies not going to be, so people need to use common sense. If you have a sick dog don't take it to the dog park."

Doctor Wolf recommends no dogs under 4 months go to dog parks... To ensure they don't get sick since they have not had all of their vaccinations yet.

For Gary Edwards he says he will continue to bring his labs out... Like he has almost everyday.

Edwards says,  "I love it. I'm very thankful for it. It's an answer to a prayer, cause usually you know the only think I can do is run them and walk them and that's kinda hard on me."

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