Sungate Curfew for Residents

Residents of one local apartment complex are questioning a new policy .

A new security force will impose a curfew that the complex has been trying to enforce for several months now.

The Sungate Apartments sent it's residents a letter saying there is now a 10 p.m. curfew for all residents.

The letter says there will be a fine added to your rent if you don't stay inside.

"I heard one person threatened that he was going to get a 50 dollar fine," said a former employee.

The office apparently put this policy in place right after the stand-off in February.

"It basically started with the whole shooting. If you're outside after 10 o'clock you'd get fined and possibly the police would get called but the messed up part about it was, it's never been put in the lease that a lot of these people signed," said another former resident.

The residents say they think their rights are being taken away.

The first security guard here says he didn't enforce the policy and got fired because of it.

" They say I wasn't actually enforcing it, what they were wanting to do. And it's like I told them I didn't see a point of them pressing the issue Because people pay the rent here we should do what we want," the security guard said.

Some people say the curfew isn't the worst idea.