Gambling Investigations Constant in Potter County

Potter County Attorney Scott Brumley
Potter County Attorney Scott Brumley

The case load has become so heavy that another investigator is being brought on to help out.  Potter County announced Monday that a staff member will be added to work on gambling investigations.

The Potter County attorney says what he sees the most are eight liner machines. And the number of them operating around the county is constantly fluctuating.

We are told it is a problem that is not going away. Potter County Attorney Scott Brumley says "given the extent to which other law enforcement agencies are stretched thin, a lot of responsibility has fallen on our office."

A responsibility that includes 15 to 25 gambling operations in Potter County alone. Brumley says "most are operated like a speakeasy. You won't get in if they don't know you or if you look like a police officer."

But once in and an arrest is made, putting everything together takes quite a long time.  However, a completed investigation does not mean an end to the problem. Brumley says "it's a process more than an end. For every bust, one or two go back up."

Brumley says as long as that process continues, the caseload will be significant.