Library Use Up!

Amarillo libraries have seen more patrons lately and they say it's because of the economy and gas prices.

Alex, the library normally see's a three percent increase on a good year.

This year library use has quadrupled... Up 12 percent. And officials there think it's because of one reason. Money woes.

"over the years library's always see an increase in use when there's an economic downturn," says Donna Littlejohn, Director of Library Services.

Libraries are a simple solution to stretching your dollar. Amarillo libraries don't charge for books or videos, only late fees.

And that's sent many more people to the library to take advantage of it's free services.

"I think the fact that we're seeing such a substantial increase shows that the economy is having an impact," Littlejohn said. "12 percent is a fairly high percent of increase for no particular reason."

Littlejohn says they are seeing an increase in use during a time when families used to leave town for vacations.

"People are looking to do things closer to home. We've seen particularly during school vacation times. people are coming to the library looking for things locally and fun things to do," says Littlejohn.

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