Diesel Costs Hurting Farmers

The high price of diesel is hurting our local farmers who rely on the fuel to make a living.

Local farmer Larry Robinson says all of the machinery used to get his hay ready for sale is fueled by diesel.

In the last year the price of diesel he uses has increased by a dollar.

As a result his total production expenses have increased by a third. He says planning ahead has helped put more money in his pocket. But he doesn't know how much longer that will last.

"Last november I fueled all my field tanks all my tractors because I knew it was coming so I filled everything I could with diesel to off set some of the hit.

He says his tanks are almost empty so filling up next time will be hard. "You just do what you can and the cost has got to be passed on and that's the tough part. We've already started telling the customers that have asked."

Robinson tells me he is still selling hay left over from last year and will not raise his prices until this summer but when he does it will be a large increase.

"All the hay that I bring in for this next summer is going to be a dollar more per square bale probably 10 dollars more just for fuel costs on a big bale.

One of Robinson's biggest consumers is his own business and that is being hit hard also.

Co-Owner of Robinson's Farm store Tammy Robinson says, "We try to absorb as much as we can for as long as we can before we pass on the costs to our customers but that point has passed and we're passing it on to our customers now.

Larry Robinson says he is doing everything he can to get more bang for his buck by making sure every gallon of diesel is used wisely.