Water Options for Area Cities

Getting water to the cities of the panhandle. Some thought Lake Meredith would always accomplish that task, but as our continuing in depth coverage has shown, that may not be true, and now some smaller cities are coming to the realization they can only rely on themselves.

Some of the 11 cities getting water from the Canadian river municipal water authority are now making sure they are self sufficient.. Since the lake may not last many more years.

Cities like Borger say they have plenty of water rights... They just don't have the pumps set up.

James Harder with the City of Borger says,  "We have a large well field west of stinnett Texas which has 11 wells and a small well field southwest of Borger which has three wells. And we get approximately 1.3 billion gallons of water from there a year."

Harder says the 14 pumps would be strained if they went to using no lake water.

"We'd be very close, right on the edge, that's why we are going out for bids to produce a new water well and we are starting the planning stages on another one."

They aren't the only ones. Pampa is budgeting to add a 12th well to their set up this year...

They say one of their big problems is the fact that their pipelines and systems are old and break down often.

Neither city says they know how long the current system would last them if Meredith becomes unusable.... But both say they could get more water... It would just cost big to get pipelines laid.

Something they don't have the budget for right now.