Domestic Violence Increasing in Texas

Domestic violence is the leading killer of young women in the United States.

That is why the Allstate Foundation and the Texas Advocacy Project are teaming up in the "Hand Bags for Hope" project and they are asking for your help.

The program is designed to give victims of domestic abuse an accessible way to reach help.

Each donated hand bag will have the Domestic Abuse Hotline number sewn inside in a place where her attacker is not likely to look.

A local survivor says she wishes she had a hand bag during her abusive relationship.

"I was being locked in closets, I was stabbed in the back, I had a knife held to my throat my youngest daughter at the time had received a black eye..."

This survivor says during her year long struggle with abuse she did not know where to turn for help, "I do believe at point in time in my situation, if I would have known of the places to call, if I would of had any inclination of what I could have done myself, I would have gotten out a lot sooner.

Amarillo Family Support Services says the project will help save lives.

Melissa Touchet Crisis Shelter Manager says, "To know they have comfort sewn inside has got to give a little empowerment for someone coming through their first phase of being a survivor. I think a program like this can definitely save lives."

If you are in need of a hand bag you can contact Family Support Services for more information.

To donate new or gently used hand bags contact any local Allstate agent.

You can reach Family Support Services at 806-342-2500.

Crisis Hotline: 800-749-9026 Spanish: 800-799-7233