Seasonal Injuries On The Rise

Injuries are on the rise for children as temperatures rise this spring. Local doctors say they're seeing more broken bones and head injuries lately because warmer weather is here and kids are more active.

Doctors warn most importantly, make your kids use protective gear. They say head and neck injuries are common as biking, baseball and soccer leagues begin.  Local Pediatrician Dr. Meganne Walsh says children should wear helmets for riding and take the proper precautions if they play outdoors.

"Something that we overlook is sun protection, kids come in with bad, bad burns after a weekend at the lake. All of a sudden you wake up Monday morning and say whoa where did that come from. So sunscreen, hats, light long sleeve shirts to keep away from sun injuries."

Dr.  Walsh says trampolines can cause injury, parents need to teach children know how to use them properly. Most importantly she says supervision is key.