Adoptions Are Getting Harder

Amber White, Birth Parent Case Worker
Amber White, Birth Parent Case Worker

Local teen mothers are more likely to raise their children instead choosing adoption.

NewsChannel 10 spoke with Catholic Family Services who say this is the biggest reason for the sharp decline in the availability of local children for adoptive families.

We are told it is more socially acceptable to have teen mothers and those teens are choosing to raise their children with the help of their family.

Catholic Family Services says this year they have placed only seven babies with adoptive families. That is a sharp decline from an average of twenty babies only ten years ago.

Amber White, Birth Parent Case Worker says, "We feel it is more socially accepted to parent and also a lot of women don't know about the changes to the open adoptions philosophy."

White says thirty years ago adoptions were mostly closed meaning birth parents had little or no contact with their children.

Now adoptions are mostly open and birth parents and children have a greater chance of having a relationship which is a great comfort for birth moms.

White says research shows that children who know their birth parents are more likely to focus on who they are becoming as a person instead of continually wondering where they came from.