Cooking With the Early Show- Hiding Vegetables and Delicious Leftovers

This week on Cooking with the Early Show, Chef Arion Canniff responds to a viewer's question.  The viewer wanted to know how she could hide the vegetables so her children would eat them, but still have a healthy, tasty dish. She also wanted to know some ides for leftovers so her family would eat them, and not get bored.

The chef made a Mexican Meatloaf.  He put a number of chopped, sauteed vegetables inside.

This way, children don't focus on the vegetables first, and may not even realize they're eating them at all.

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Chef Canniff says with a Mexican Meatloaf, you can make sandwiches the next day, and then crumble it up in a tortilla and make burritos the next day.  With different leftover options, you can get a few days worth of meals out of the meatloaf.

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