Lake Meredith Will Continue to be Pumped

A water source we rely on will continued to be pumped even though it is at record low levels.

Board members voted unanimously today to continue pumping the lake. he decision come as the lake reaches a new low and the outlook looks grim.

A chart by the National Weather Association predicts a drought will continue for our area through the summer.

Therefore officials today took action to keep water flowing to panhandle cities.

The board approved plans for CRMWA officials to buy or rent low flow pumps.

Board members say they believe we should get everything out of the lake we can... Since it is evaporating just as much as we pump each day.

Emmett Autrey with the City of Amarillo says, "Its kind of a catch 22 between evaporation and consumption. In either case if we don't get significant inflows into the lake, it will continue to drop and it will ultimately reach a point, even with the temporary pumps where they will not be able to move the water, that can happen within the next couple of years."

Right now the lowest pump in the lake is between 42 and 37 feet, it is when the water reaches that level that the low level pumps will be needed... But there is not much more that can be pumped after that.

Kent Satterwhite with CRMWA says, "If we just don't get any inflow, which I still don't think is reasonable to assume, but lets say, the lake would be pretty much completely dry, there still would be several feet in it twenty or 30 and we would go to relying on the well water."