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Curbing Illegal Dumping

Scott McDonald, City of Amarillo Scott McDonald, City of Amarillo
Sergeant Dennis Rice, Randall County Sheriff's Department Sergeant Dennis Rice, Randall County Sheriff's Department

Illegal dumping is becoming a problem not only in rural areas of Amarillo, but within city limits.  Amarillo City officials say in just one month they have picked up over a hundred tons of bulk trash, such as appliances, construction waste or junk vehicles. When they are can not pick up the bulk trash, people look for other ways to dispose of their unwanted items. Leaving tires, furniture and large items on the road side in ditches.

Sergeant Dennis Rice with the Randall County Sheriff's Office points out one problem is awareness. "One main issue is the public has a hard time trying to find a place to take that (large trash items)".

Amarillo city officials are trying to inform people of the problem and the legal places you can  dump bulk trash. They say it's going to take alot of work for the community to catch on, "It's going to take something more than desire for a city that wants to clean things up to affect the problem that's this wide spread" Public Works Director, Michael Rice said.

If people are caught dumping illegally they can face sever penalties from tickets to jail time.  Randall County Sheriff's office is offering a $250 reward for any who sees a person dumping.  they say all you need to do is call the Randall County Sheriff's Department at 468-5751, with a good description or license plate number

That is why the city is informing residents of the services people can use and cash in when they dump big items. Amarillo building official Scott McDonald said, "They can get paid by the scrap iron processor. They can get paid by the equipment refurbishers. I don't think people understand that. I think there's an education component that people need to be aware of".

If you are not able to get rid of your big items. The city will come get your large appliances or items for free. Call the Amarillo City Landfill at 378-6813.


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