Copper Thefts Up Locally

It can happen in the blink of an eye. Thieves wanting the copper off of air conditioning units can cut the coil off in seconds. And the number of those thefts are going up in our area.

The Randall County Sheriff's office says they put a dent in the number of copper thefts, but now it is back up again.

The price of copper is up to six dollars per pound. The thefts are most often taking place at utility sites, construction sites, and businesses and churches.

To make things even more difficult, copper coils have no serial numbers or other kinds of identifiers on them.

So, the sheriff's office urges the public to keep an eye out for piles of coils in a pickup truck, in a home, wherever. They say unless the person is in the heating or air conditioning business, chances are that person should not have those coils.