Caprock High School Bomb Threat

Christina Ritter, Caprock High School Principal
Christina Ritter, Caprock High School Principal

Three people have been arrested in connection to a bomb threat at Amarillo's Caprock High School.

The APD tells us they have three female juveniles in custody for a falsified bomb threat that was written in several of the restrooms.

They are 14, 15 and 16 years old.

The two older girls have been charged with state jail felonies.

We know the 14 year old girl has been arrested but we are unsure if she has been charged with any crimes.

The messages in the bathrooms caused many students to send text messages to their classmates.

At 12:30 the school was evacuated as the police came in and searched the school.

Students were allowed to return to class about an hour later.

The school says this is something they take seriously.

"We will prosecute to the person who did write the threat because we do take it seriously," said Christina Ritter," Caprock High School Principal

The APD tells us the two girls have been charged with calling in a false alarm.

Principal Ritter said they can also face vandalism felony charges.