Smoking Ban

Smoking Ban

I have heard a bunch of arguments on this subject. It really
appalls me about how one group thinks their rights are more important than
someone elses. It doesn't matter if you smoke in public or not. We spend
so much time and money on this campaign about smoking bans, because it
hurts my nose. It makes me sick, those smokers are killing themselves.
Blah Blah Blah. I am very concerned that we have become a nation that is
that selfish in thinking someone that smokes has no life! They should stay
home and be repressed due to their bad choices. If a person that doesn't
like to smell smoke doesn't want to smell it you have a choice. Simple
solution, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! How can anyone be so self rightous that they
think their rights are more important than someone elses? Yes smoking is
a very dangerous decision. What if someone told you, you can't wear perfume
because it ruins my allergies, or drive suvs because the exhaust fumes(the
same product as secondary smoke)is dangerous to one's health. Get real get
informed! You have no right to tell someone they can or can't smoke! You
can or can't wear perfume, or you can't drive that high dollar suv to work
everyday unless you have 7 family members in it! REMEMBER the COLD WAR?
Nearly a decade of soldiers have died fighting against the very same type
of governments that meddle with a citizens rights. So there is no way the
people of Amarillo or the city of Amarillo should have to waste tax
dollars on another election. Well I am sure you will, the pockets of these
that think their rights are more important are government funded and will
try again! It is time for the elected city officials to nip it in the bud
and end it! Amarillo has Spoken! Like it or not the results are what they
are. Stop wasting money on this cause and let's focus on things we need to
worry about, like funding for schools, so the kids can have text books
again. City roads, after school programs. Don't let big brother have his
way, and let's stop the socialist movement right here! Let's set the
example for the rest of the nation, LET FREEDOM RING!

Mike Massey

Amarillo, TX

Why are we even having to vote for the issue of smoking or no
smoking, didn't the citizens of Amarillo already speak-up against this
before? I hope when this issue is voted down again that this will be the
end of it !!!

Fermin Watts
Amarillo, TX

Recent Responses:

Smoking Ban

I really believe that the smokers are not really winning the
smoking ban. Because of the way they word it on the ballot. The first time
we had it I accidently voted against, because I assumed I was voting
against smoking, then I realized I voted for them. Now I changed it, but I
think there's a lot of people doing the same thing. We can't escape, all
that smoke, you can't even go outside at the court house without choking
to death. People just have no respect for others

Jane Valdez
Amarillo, TX

Subject: Smoking Ban
Comments: we just need to stick together and just vote that no one can
smoke in our face or where we eat or work,,, let them stay home and
destroy themselves, but not's their business and their house, but not
in our face or lungs

Jacob Rankin
Amarillo, TX

Subject: Smoking Ban
Comments: I understand where people think that the government is getting
into their business, but we have to realize that everyone has rights. Be
it smokers and nonsmokers. I have never smoked, but my whole family
smoked all of my life. I get all stopped up around smoke, but never said
anything, because they would get defensive, saying that I was just using
that to get them to stop. Now I have lost my Mother to lung cancer, and
she even quit 12 years ago, and that was the hardest thing I ever had to
go through, watching her suffer like that. I am still hurt inside after 2
years, and my Dad and sister still smoke. If you only knew what it puts
your family through, you would quit. I hope no one has to go through that
pain, that she did.

Teri Rich
Amarillo, TX