Four Way Goes

Each of us has something in our hometown that makes us feel unique from the other towns that surround us.  Maybe it's a colorful water tower with a picture of a hornet, or some have immaculate entrances with flowers blooming and a big welcome sign.  Here in Clovis we have Four-Way-Goes, now to be called 4WG.  Never heard of them?  They are unmarked intersections that have been a part of Clovis since I guess its inception.  When I first arrived in this town in 1990, it wasn't long before I had the life scared out of me, by entering  a 4WG at roughly the same time as another unknowing driver, and I escaped with nothing more than a few palpitations.

I asked community veterans about the obvious lack of safety on the streets and the only reply I got was "That's the way it's always been".  I spoke with the Clovis City Manager at that time and was told there were no funds.

So now, eighteen years later and with my children now driving, I am picking up the gauntlet again to put guilt and or shame on the city decision makers to fix an obvious, serious problem on the streets of this NM town.  We are tickled to bring in new people, military and civilian alike, but we are doing nothing to decrease the dangers on these intersections to those same people.   Why can we afford new signs in the new fancy editions, (many four way stops) but can't put signs in the older parts of town?   Will the life of a child have to be lost before this city sticks some signs in the ground and STOP 4WG?

Kathy Elliott
Clovis, NM